Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Speedy loves trail riding

Speedy is in a foster home in Lawrenceville. To our surprise he didn't mind being saddled but didn't understand the reins. He is being worked with and goes trail riding many times a week. He is a very smart boy and no signs of being a stud at all.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Speedy is available for adoption

Speedy is available for adoption, Contact to come and meet Speedy. He is handsome. We do not know if he is trained to ride. He doesn't mind what we do with him. Come and meet him and see what you think. He is located near Cumming/Canton GA.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Speedy is gelded and now a very nice horse to be around. He isn't with any mares yet so I am not quite sure how that will be when he is introduced to them. Right how he is happy with his gelding buddy. He is absolutely lovely to see prancing across the pasture in full Arabian movement, beauty to the eye, for sure!

Surgery went well

I planned on going to Auburn Saturday morning. Things changed. Dr Caldwell,the surgeon at Auburn, called and said after they sedated Speedy they found he had two scars along his abdomen. They wanted permission to continue the surgery to see if he may have had hernia surgery and had a testicle removed during another past surgery. Or they could remove the one testicle we see that is dropped and in 3 months do a sperm count and see if there may be a testicle still in him. I want a nice horse that is a true gelding so I opted for the surgery to find the missing testicle or look at the scars to see what surgery he has had. In a few hours, the vet called and said it looked like he had a hernia surgery which included the one testicle being removed and the owner kept him a stallion with one testicle.It now ended up being a 4 hour surgery with a lot of bleeding. I want Speedy to be just a nice horse without an unsuitable interest in mares. Hopefully their guess was right and Speedy now has no testicles because they removed the one they can see. That one seemed a different texture so it was sent for a biopsy to make sure it will not cause Speedy any health problems later. Speedy's$500. surgery is now over $1300. If there is no hemorrhaging, he may come home on Monday.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Speedy was a stallion when we picked him up from Animal Control. How did he end up at animal control? His owner had to move from his property and Speedy was left behind. Speedy was in good condition but needed a place to stay. Animal Control kept and cared for Speedy for nearly 4 months but the owner never came to claim him so they asked the Horse Rescue to take him.

The only thing animal control told me was Speedy was a stallion and he was really sweet. He is a 15 year old very handsome bay Arabian horse. When we went to pick him up, he came running to greet us. No other horses were at Animal Control so we did not have a clue how he would be with other horses. When we brought him to the farm and he saw the two geldings, he thought they were mares, waiting for him to 'service' them. He was snorting and jumping around, Yahoooo. We put him in a stall with 3 windows so he could see and smell the geldings but no one would get hurt. We then made an appointment for surgery for Speedy.